How to Find Your Kid’s Stolen or Lost Cell Phone?

Isn’t it a nightmare to lose an expensive phone? You lose all memories, documents, videos, collection of songs and so much other data only because of one careless mistake. The good news is that your kids are safe from this incident, thanks to the best parental control app

How Can I Find Stolen or Lost Android Phone of My Kid?

It has happened very often that your kid leaves the phone on the store counter and the phone is never found in the same condition. Similarly, you run into a friend and hug each other so tightly that you forget about your phone that has fallen off your pocket. Many such everyday incidents lead to the catastrophe that we all fear. 

With kids, misplacing the phone is just an honest mistake.  Unknowingly, they lose their expensive gadgets and stored data. And data is the biggest concern. But it's time parents should not panic when the phone goes missing!

The market is flooded with apps that help you in identifying your smartphone in case of misplacement. However, not all apps are efficient to locate the stolen phone and manage the stored data. The best parental control app in the market- Bit Guardian Parental Control app offers Anti-Theft functionalities that meet the expectations of parents. 

Bit Guardian Parental Control App- Anti-Theft

1.Fetch Location of the Phone
2. Factory Reset phone data remotely
3.Ring the phone to attract attention

It’s time to switch to the premium parental control app for kid’s safety and their devices. Here are three ways Bit Guardian Parental Control offers device safety and tracking:

1. Find the location- 

If your kid loses the phone, parents will be able to track kid’s device using GPS location. By a single click, your kid’s device location will display on the screen. This option comes in very handy when your kid is traveling or hiking.

2.Ring Alert- 

If your kid leaves the phone somewhere, the chances of someone finding the phone is high. All you need to do is go to the place where your kid lost their phone, ring kid’s device from the parent’s phone. With the ringer being loud and clear, you will be able to easily find it.  

3. Reset Factory

The most crucial part of the phone is the data stored in the box. And with teenagers, you never know what kind of data is added in the phone. It is imperative to get rid of such data before anyone else can put their dirty hands on it. Parents will be able to erase all data and factory restore the phone remotely. Isn’t that cool?

Bit Guardian Parental Control is an all-rounder. Besides offering Anti-Theft features, the app provides well-equipped parental control tools:

  • App Blocker
  • App Install Blocker
  • Panic Blocker 
  • Call Blocker
  • GPS 
  • Kiosk Mode
  • Time Schedule 

How Can You Help Your Kids To Protect Their Smartphones? 

Although there are various ways to safeguard your phone, however, the most crucial action is the installation of the child GPS tracker to track the phone in times of crisis. 

Now, here we present some basic practices and tricks to save your kid’s phone and subsequently the data:

1. Lock Screen Or Use Fingerprint Touch 

A simple way to protect your device and the data is by locking the screen with a password or using fingerprint touch. There is nothing smarter than this. Your kids can easily set this up and ensure its implementation throughout life.

2. Keep changing passwords

Let’s go-to basics; you can keep your phone idle and still be sure that your phone is not misused or hacked. Why? Because you keep changing your passwords and it is strong enough for others to decode. 

3. Do not use back pockets

Every pickpocket’s favorite location is your back pocket. Ensure that kids do not build the habit of keeping cell phones in their back pocket. This habit is especially risky in crowded areas or public transport. 

4.Placement of device in crowded areas

If you happen to carry a handbag or backpack, keep the electronic device in a place where no one can reach it. Bury it under books or anything substantial. This is always the smartest solution while traveling. 

5. Do not show off your device

Many kids make the blunder of showing off expensive gadgets in public or amongst school friends, which often leads to insecurity and inferiority complex in others. Thus, the chances of stealing the phone increases. 

6. Avoid any confidential data on the phone

It is always a wise option to erase any personal data from the phone and store it elsewhere. Backing up your data keeps the information safe and saves a ton of embarrassment on misplacing.

7. Keep phone’s IMEI number handy

Kids may not comprehend; however, parents should gain knowledge on IMEI number (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) or MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier) of the phone and keep it handy.  These numbers are embedded to the circuit and challenging to alter, hence giving the power to the numbers.

Phones and gadgets misplace and get stolen accidentally; however, we need to be prepared for such emergencies. Install the Bit Guardian Parental Control and leverage the benefits of Anti-Theft in days of the crisis.

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