The Tsar of Abstract Artists -Vincent Van Gogh

When I hear art, my mind is filled with life-like images of combinations and permutations of colors. It takes me to my childhood. I always wanted time to not to fly fast, but time and tide wait for none.As children, we tried to scribble mangoes and apples on drawing sheets with crayons. Daily, we created ‘masterpieces’ which greeted everyone who entered our house. 

A child gets fascinated by everything they look at. This is so for a simple reason: because his mind is contemplating the existence of these things. His conscious and sub-conscious are building their convictions. 

He becomes even more excited when he sees different colors. With wide eyes, perhaps, he ponders upon the creativity of nature. With this, we can assume the impact of colors and art upon one’s mind and soul. 

A person is an outcome of his surroundings. His mannerisms tell a lot about his journey through life. Similarly, abstract artists paint reality as they perceive it.  They are not bound by fixed realism. Their stark imagination and, as extremists say, flawed representation make them stand out, and be recognized and acknowledged.

Sometimes, a brilliant mind becomes a victim of its own intelligence. Often, their acute sense of justice makes them different from others. With a heavy heart, today, we will meet the pole star of abstract artists, star-crossed by destiny.

Vincent van Gogh

This world had a chance to witness the birth of van Gogh on 30th March 1853 in a village named Groot-Zundert, Holland. Although he belonged to an upper middle class and fairly religious family, all his life he suffered from poverty. 

He was thrown out of his home for multiple failures

He traveled the world a lot and tried various occupations. His conflicted soul finally took refuge in painting. Unfortunately, he never got an appreciation for his work during his lifetime. Finally, he found his love interest in London. He described this as a wonderful period of his life where he was actually happy. He was turned down by the lady due to her engagement with someone else. It totally shattered van, Gogh. 

He was never appreciated for his work while alive

An artist doesn’t want anything but admiration for his work. His work was never understood in his lifetime and he only managed to sell one painting in France. Now, his works are the most sought after masterpieces around the world.

He died at the early age of 37

Various stories about the lives of troubled artists give us sufficient evidence of his mental condition. Through his works and life accounts, it is said that he suffered from various disorders namely, schizophrenia, hallucinations, depression, etc. 

It is also believed that he suffered from autism. Elizabeth, his sister recounts that he used to walk clumsily and dazed. He was uncomfortable around people and preferred to be isolated. 

He Painted the Starry Night at an asylum

The winter of 1888 had something dark for Van Gogh. He had a mental breakdown. This led him to get himself admitted to a mental asylum in France-– the Saint-Paul-de-Mausole near Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. He painted Starry, Starry Night. The model of this painting was the sky filled with stars, which could be seen from the window of his room at the asylum. 

He Died Alone

Given that he lived an isolated life in the dearth of human interaction, he died alone. He shot himself and it is claimed that he died because he considered that his purpose of existing in this lifetime had been fulfilled. There was nothing of interest for him anymore. 

His works were the torchbearer for abstractionism

His works, whether it be Starry, Starry Night or the painting of the wheat field where he is alleged to have shot himself, show deviation from the prevalent art forms. This may be a reason of his paintings getting less attention and more criticism. He was largely rebuked and judged for being unconventional.

He was so particular and obsessive about his works that he went into a heated argument with his employer. His employer used to treat his work as a commodity. He failed to identify with the aesthetic tastes which Gogh fostered in his paintings. Indian Art Ideas is working incessantly to carry forward the celebrated legacy of abstract artists like him.

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