Things to Consider While Choosing the Wedding Caterer

Now that your wedding is just around the corner it is probably the time that you must start with the planning process. Planning a wedding will take a lot of time and you’ll have to take many important decisions. Among those vital decisions, you’ll also have to decide on the catering menu that’ll be served at the wedding.

Indian weddings are really extravagant and the food that is served is a prime factor for all the guests. Wedding catering is one of the biggest expenses that you will come across and on an average 25-30% of the total wedding budget is spent on catering.

Before you finalize on a caterer there are many things that you must consider. You can select the Top wedding caterers in Mumbai and compare their services and their costs.

Food Tasting

The most important thing that you must discuss with the caterer is to arrange a food tasting session, at least a week or two before the day of your wedding. You can ask them that you’d like to taste all the dishes that you have shortlisted upon to be served at the wedding. Tasting the food yourself before it being served to your guests is really important because you must know exactly what the food tastes like, the quantity and also the presentation.

DIY Counter

Setting up a DIY counter is a great idea to actually include your guests in the wedding. You can set up a live counter with a lot of customization options for the guests as it will be really fun as they come up with various different recipes. You include a div counter for chaat or maybe some dessert with lots of toppings to choose from.

Serving Presentation

Food taste really does matter in Indian weddings but the presentation of the food that is served is equally important. There are mainly two types of serving styles in Indian weddings, the platter-style or the buffet. The way the food is presented makes a real difference and will also add to the guests having a pleasant experience on the day of your wedding. A portion of food that looks well when served will also add to the wedding decor.

Main Course

The main course of Indian weddings are really elaborate and a lot of food is served to the guests in lots of varieties. Along with those paneer delicacies, you must also include some simpler food options on the wedding menu. Your wedding will include all types of guests, each of them having their own likings when it comes to food. It is impossible for you to include all the dishes that your guests like but you can add to the main course some great delicacies along with simpler ones and also some regional dishes to some great international cuisines.


Indians love sweets and it is always the desserts that are required at the end of the food. Without a dessert, food is considered to be incomplete in India. You can include various different types of Indian sweets like laddu, peda, barfi, halwa, and jalebis in your wedding menu. These colorful sweets are sure to make many mouths water and will add to the decor at the wedding as well.

Include International Cuisines

There are many international cuisines that are now part of the Indian culture as well and you can always integrate them as a dish on the wedding menu. Be it the Italian pasta, or maybe some Korean noodles you can include anything and everything on the menu. You can also opt for some options that are not usually a part of Indian weddings like dumplings and cupcakes, it’ll surely make your wedding stand out from the others.

With all the above thing marked as checked, you can just relax carefreely and be assured that the food served to your guests is perfect and will invite a lot of appreciation and each guest will leave with their belly full of some tasty food.

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