7 Pro Tips to Care your Baby Skin

Your baby skin is extra sensitive so it demands extra attention and care. According to famous dermatologist, Bruce Brod baby skin is thin and it is more prone to irritation but still it is very resilient. Keeping your baby warm and healthy is top on the list and their skin care is just as important. Babies born with the wrinkly skin and it is covered by a protective layer called vernix which peels off in the first week. You don’t need to rub it with baby lotions and creams. 

1.Choosing Best Products:

Choosing the best and mild baby care products is important. Scan the labels and choose the products with less or no chemicals, parabens, colorants, dyes and artificial fragrances. Most of the baby products contains the additives or fragrances that can be irritating. So try to choose the products and natural and organic ingredients. As the online shopping trend is increased, you can buy you toddler products online as some companies are offering best and quality products.

Baby Shampoo and Body Cleaner:

Liquids that are soap-free are the best choice. It doesn’t need lather. Always make sure that baby cleansing products must be infused with all-natural and organic ingredients with no-tear formula so it won’t hurt your baby sensitive eyes and skin. WBM 3 in 1 baby shampoo, conditioner, and body wash is the best choice that is free from colorants and parabens and contains rich amount of honey and wheat germ oil. 

Baby Face Cream:

Your baby needs special care after bath as their skin dries out quickly. Buy some organic baby face cream to keep your toddler skin moisturized and hydrated for longer time period. 

Diaper Cream and Baby Powder:

Use petroleum jelly as a diaper cream or you can also use zinc oxide cream. Apply WBM Baby powder to avoid rashes. It is 100% organic and helps to soothe baby skin and senses. 

Wet Wipes:

Buy some alcohol-free wet wipes or you can simple use water and a washcloth. 

Baby Moisturizer or Body Lotion:

Baby moisturizers or baby mild body lotions are important to prevent dryness and eczema issues. Make sure to buy an effective lotion that will soothe and soften your toddler skin

Baby Laundry Detergent:

Buy best laundry detergent for your baby clothes that clean stubborn stains and leaves fabric soft. Liquid detergents are way better than flakes. Try wbm baby care laundry detergent that is rich with plant-based cleaning power and free from fluorescent agent. 

2. Avoid Unnecessary Bathing:

To avoid skin dryness and irritation problems, avoid unnecessary bathing, your little one needs only 3 baths per week. More often is fine to clean away dirt, bacteria and other toxins, well it depends on the season as well. Sponge bath your baby using a clean and damp washcloth. Focus on creases like armpits, knees, behind ear and genitals. According to some dermatologists use cleansers in just the private parts and one time in a week for the complete body. If their scalp gets oily, use can shampoo more often while rubbing their scalp with fingertips. 

3. Change Baby Diapers Often:

The main reason for the rashes is when babies sit in dirty diaper for long. So changing your baby diaper after some time period is best practice. Apply some anti-rash cream or wbm baby powder to prevent rashes. Use gentle wet wipes if required. If your baby skin is extra sensitive use disposable diapers instead of a cloth one as they keep baby skin drier for the long-time period. 

4.Use Moisturizer:

Keep your toddler skin moisturized by applying any good moisturizer or baby body lotion. Most of the experts recommend to hydrate your baby skin every day. If your baby is suffering from an extreme dry skin problem, moisturize their skin as required but make sure that the product use is going to use is mild. 

5.Shield their Skin from Spit:

Babies mostly drool when they eat and saliva may irritate their skin because it contains enzymes. It’s riskier if the skin gets wet and dry over again and again. So try to coat their face with petroleum jelly, wipe it with soft cotton and apply some moisturizer id required.

6.Block the Sun:

Sun dangerous rays may put kids at the skin cancer risk, infants can easily be attacked whose brand new skin has fewer pigments to save it from UV rays. Avoid getting out in sun with your baby for the first 6 months. Avoid direct sun rays, use shades or umbrella if you have to head outside and try to stay inside between 10 am to 3 pm. Dress your baby in long sleeves and pajamas.  

7.Use Brimmed Hats:

Apply sunscreen to your baby face, arms and neck. If you cannot avoid the sun, applying sunscreen is ok for the youngest babies. Reapply after 2 hours or when required. Also, use brimmed hats to avoid sun rays to direct contact with your baby’s face and neck. 

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