Some of the Aluminum Composite Panel Installation Methods

The aluminum panel mostly used to the homes or other building constructions for external cladding and for some interior covers. Mostly it is used for signage. These materials are used for both for civil works purpose and other different applications. 

So, to install aluminum composite panels in certain applications, you need to know the trick to install it properly for a specific application. Here in this article, we are providing you with several advanced methods to install and enhance the strength of the constructions to be for a long time. 

Let's see some common methods to install aluminum composite materials. In Hyderabad, there are several Aluminium Composite Panel Manufacturers. If you want to purchase in large quantities you can visit directly or you can order through online.

Few Methods To Install ACP:

External Wall Cladding – Wet Sealant Joint:

In this installation method, the tray-type composite panels, as well as sealing joints, are the most common ways which are available in a wide range and used for the new buildings and remodeling projects. Well, after fixing the aluminum panel on the infrastructure, utilize some suitable sealing substance on joints to assure water-tightness. 

External Wall Cladding – Hanging Method:

Well, this hanging method is most common installing methods. Mostly this installation method works at a large construction site, commercial buildings to shorten the time in the installation method. In this method, it is extremely easy to unfix the cladding material due to the thermal expansion; it is because panels are not connected tightly to sub-frame, so it is suspended easily. 

External Wall Cladding – Dry Gasket Joint:

Here they use gaskets to install at joints rather than using sealants. With this method, the stability of EPDM will be strong while compared to that sealant; also, the gasket connection reduces the quantity of dirt as well as a stain that comes on the material of aluminum panel surface.

External Wall Cladding – Narrow Open Joint:

Usually, this type of method will be suited for Timber and Stone patterned ACP because in these narrow will be jointed among the panels which give aesthetically effective. Depends on your requirement, you can utilize sealing material and EPDM gasket for joints.

Roof Covering:

In this ACP are used for a ceiling covering which are used in prestigious projects like airports as well as stadiums. In-home applications, you can install it as a water funnel, and waterproof layers at ALPOLIC/fr panels with that leaked water will flow outside.

Spandrel Back Panel of Glass Curtain Wall:

Glass hanging walls sometimes require as a back panel behind the glass to look aesthetic and to the energy-saving purpose. These spandrel panels which are placed behind the sensitive glass material will be durable, particularly to UV rays because that material is hard while compared to others that replace all other parts.

These are mostly used for interior decoration department, nowadays, the ACP materials are supports to use for home interior decoration such as wall decorative composite panels, because it comes with a smooth surface, strong impact resistance, bright color, simple to clean, durable and broadly used.

They are two categories in ACP: ACP Sheet Manufacturers with exterior panels as well as interior panels. The thing is that you can divide the aluminum panel into both sides or else one side. This double-sided aluminum panel materials are rust-proof aluminum board. 

The interior wall decoration panels use best quality indoor aluminum plastic that imported the hot load spraying process, and the paint layer color suits, the fixing is strong, but it is hard to separate the paint when you touch. ACM materials which used for home interior decoration which mostly used in kitchens, room heat covers, bathrooms, restaurants for partitions purpose, and for many other purposes.

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