Successful Heart Transplant Surgery in India at an Affordable Cost

The treatment of severe heart diseases or end-stage heart failure is a heart transplant. However, a heart transplant is a complicated procedure that is not possible in all the countries. 

There are only a few specialised medical professionals who excel in providing the treatment with satisfactory results. Only a few countries have the facility to offer a successful heart transplant. India is one of them.

There are three top hospitals where you can avail Successful Heart Transplant in India. These hospitals have highly experienced heart transplant surgeons with over 25 to 30 years of experience. 

Why are the Heart Transplant Candidates from Different Parts of the World Travelling to India for Heart Transplant?

The essential thing to undergo a heart transplant is the success of the treatment, and second the cost of the surgery. India excels in both things, be it cost-effective treatment or success of the operation. The success ratio of heart transplant surgery in India is close to 95%. 

If we consider the cost of the treatment, it is possible to avail the Heart Transplant Surgery in India between the range of USD 55,000 to 65,000. The price is approximately one-fourth the cost of a heart transplant in any other country in the world. 

Let us talk about the cost of heart transplantation in Singapore; it can go as high as 225,000. The amount required to under heart-transplant in India is even higher, it can cost you around 800,000 dollars which may not be affordable for all. If you compare it to the cost of treatment in India, the price of the transplant in the country is approximately one-tenth.

Also, India is the only country where the maximum number of heart transplants is a success. The doctors in India are trained from the top western countries and have been practising for years. 

There is a separate heart transplant centre in the top hospitals of the country, that is equipped with the latest equipment and techniques, making it possible for surgeons to perform the surgery smoothly.

The doctors in India perform the transplant robotically, and most of the heart surgeries are done using a minimally invasive procedure wherever possible. It helps the patient to recover at the earliest, and they don't have to face a lot of complications after the treatment.

Final Words:

Most of the patients undergoing treatment in the country add a minimum of 5 years to their life. All the patients who are alive for five years, above 80 per cent of people out of them live for a minimum of 8 to ten years. 

So, do not waste time and plan your medical tourism to India at the earliest. If a patient is in a severe situation and needs immediate medical assistance, you can approach the medical tourism companies in India, and they will make all the necessary arrangements in the emergency care unit of top cardiac hospitals in India.

What keeps you waiting? Plan your medical tourism to India, and improve the quality of your life after a heart transplant surgery in the country.

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