Five Necessary Tips On Makeup Basics

Necessary Tips On Makeup Basics

Everyone wants to look attractive and beautiful. With the help of make up you can easily look beautiful. But, you have to know the basics of applying makeup otherwise wrong types of makeup can make you look horrible.

This article will help you to know the basics of makeup. Few points that should be kept in your mind while doing makeup are – the time of the year, time of the day, your complexion and of course the occasion for which you are preparing yourself.

Choose Makeup According to Season:

Each season has its own character and your makeup should follow these characteristics. This is autumn time. The color of your lipstick, blusher, nail polish, and attire that are suitable for autumn, will not suit in the monsoon or summer.

So keep in the mind what season it is. In autumn or fall season, orange, rust etc., in summer bright colors like sunny yellow, pink, etc., in monsoon pastel shades, and in winter all dark colors like dark green, navy blue, etc. suit best. This is one general rule.

Choose Makeup According to Time and Occasion:

Keep in the mind what time it is. If it is day time, get natural look as much as possible. Heavy foundation, heavy blusher or heavy eye and lip make up is inappropriate at daytime.

But you can use them easily at night or evening party. Again you have to keep in the mind what occasion it is. Naturally the makeup that you wear while going to your work place will be far different from that when you are going to a wedding party.

Choose Make Up According to Skin Type:

Before starting your makeup it is very important to know your skin type. There are basically four types of skin, oily, normal, and dry and combination. Choose your cosmetic according to your skin type. Suppose you have oily skin.

Never apply oil based foundation on oily skin. Again a water based foundation and too much use of powder on a dry skin will look dull and drab. If you’re confused with your skin type and are puzzled while choosing the right type of makeup products then takes the advice of the beauty specialist. When you have no knowledge on makeup seek the professional make tips and make a sophisticated look by following the tricks. Bring the best cosmetics that you can afford. Do not compromise with the quality of the makeup. It is very important. A good quality make up blends well on your skin and it looks best.

Choose Makeup According to Complexion:

While choosing the color of your foundation, blusher, lipstick and nail polish keep the color of your complexion in your mind.

Always buy the same shade of compact and foundation that you have on your skin. The purpose of the foundation is to bring a smooth finish, not to make you fairer. Some people have tendency to buy makeup that is 2-3 shades fairer.

When they apply them on their face, it seems that they have different colored skin on those portions and that looks very odd.

Preparation of Skin:

Preparation of skin before applying the makeup is very important. Makeup should be applied on clear skin. Foundation does not blend well on dry skin. So rub an ice cube on face and neck before applying foundation. Ice makes your skin soft, supple and moist where makeup blends completely. Now you can do your own make at home by yourself.

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