How To Choose Your Wedding Accessories

wedding ceremony accessories list

Having trouble pairing up the accessories for your big day? Yes, wedding dress is the key item that reflects the beauty of the bride, but in order to complete your bridal look, you need right accessories such as veil, shoes, headbands and similar other items.

Here are some proven tips on how to choose your wedding accessories that help give you a sophisticated and glamorous look.

Tips To Choose The Wedding Accessories

Bridal Veil

You may have infinite choices available with a bridal veil, so here come three things to remember before choosing the veil. First choose the gown. Your veil is an accessory, so it should highlight the gown. Decide on your hairstyle before selecting the veil.

You veil should match the dress in terms of color, length, style, and shape. It would be better if your veil also matches the season when your wedding is scheduled. Shorter veils are recommended for summer, while winter ceremonies demand longer veils. Choose one with stylish netting.

Hair Accessories

A bride’s hairstyle needs to match the occasion too. Choose hair accessories that give you a chic look. Use headbands to split different parts of your hairstyle. Go for elegant headbands with crystal embellishments or floral motifs.


Consider tiara for a princess like look on your big day. Tiara also goes well with assorted veils and flowing hairstyles. Go for tiaras that are embedded with pearls, rhinestones and crystals. Combs and tiaras form the most important bridal hair accessories.

Bridal Headpieces

If you have chosen a designer gown then headpiece is a must. These accessories help to highlight the designer dress effectively. Like veils, bridal headpieces should also complement the wedding gown.


Necklaces are as important as shoes and dress as they add elegance to the gown you choose. Here’s what you can do to choose that perfect piece for your neck- for a V-neck wedding dress, choose a Y-drop necklace.

For a halter wedding dress, you need a double stranded or a dangling necklace. A dangling piece always goes well with an opened back wedding gown. Y-drop designs, pendants, and chokers are all part of bridal neckpieces.

Earrings need to match your necklaces. You will also want earrings that compliment your hairstyle and underline your face. Dangling earrings go well with round face, and look great on curled and styled down hair.

For a raised hairstyle, studded earrings and pearls work best. For wide faces, sleek earrings or hoops go well. Tear drop, small studs, pearls, diamonds, chandelier are all various sizes and shapes that you could choose as your wedding accessories.

Foot Accessories (Shoes And Anklets)

High heels and pumps should be selected by shorter brides. For a casual look, you may wear sandals, flats, and slip on’s. You may not require shoes for a beach themed wedding. When at beach, better go barefoot. There are plenty of colors and styles available; you need to choose one that suits your gown.

Peep toe, strappy sandals, wedge heels, and pumps are some of the bridal styles you may consider. Anklets can also well accessorize your feet. Choose between crystals, rhinestones, and pearls. Remember, you anklets should accentuate your gown and wedding shoes.

Now that you have got the tips, remember not to let your accessories overpower your wedding gown, and you are all set to go for your big day.

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