Discount Car Insurance for Cars with Parking Sensors

car parking sensors

There are many ways to get discounts on your car insurance and a lot of drivers wonder if they are eligible for discount car insurance if they have parking sensors. The question of whether yes or no has to be answered with yes. Parking sensors do lower your car insurance premium and by enough that you will actually be able to appreciate the savings.

Car insurance premiums can be expensive because of common, preventable accidents like those that happen when you hit a car while parking. Although these are not big accidents, they are enough to cause a lot of expenses. If your coverage includes damage that happens to the other vehicle, then you can expect to pay even more for an insurance policy. Cars that have built-in parking sensors have a lower risk of causing such parking accidents from happening and therefore they are given discounted insurance premiums.

If your car does not have parking sensors, then find out what the premium would cost if you did have these sensors built in. In some cases the savings are so substantial that it may even be worth it to purchase parking sensors and have them installed. If you have a new car and intend to drive it for a long time, then purchasing and adding parking sensors is a good investment that will pay itself out. The only way to determine if it is worth adding parking sensors is to obtain quotes and compare the savings to the installation costs.

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