Embed TikTok Video in WordPress Website - Simplest Ways to Do It

Embed TikTok Video in WordPress Website -

If you are using a WordPress website and looking to amplify its visuals, then this blog is just for you.

We have a simple yet powerful hack for you: embed TikTok videos on the WordPress website.

Why TikTok and how to embed its feed on the website? Read the blog till the end and get all the answers to your concerns.

A Brief About TikTok Videos

TikTok has revolutionized social media; with over a billion users from 150+ countries, it stands as one of the prominent social media platforms. Now you must be wondering, there are many social media platforms with a huge user base and a great aid to businesses, but why do we consider TikTok one of the revolutionary social media platforms?

To answer the question, we need to clock our time back to 2016, when Chinese app developers ByteDance created an app, Douyin, a rival to Musical.ly - What is Muscial.ly? - Muscial.ly was a social media platform that was immensely popular during those times. Users were able to make short videos where they used to create videos where they were lip-syncing and dancing. And to compete with the platform, Douyin renamed and rebranded to TikTok for better international appeal.

After its international launch, it was an instant hit and had more than 100 million users within a year. The app continued its growth, acquiring Musical.ly in late 2017, making TikTok a superior and a popular social media platform. And since then, there has been no stopping this platform.

We did mention the term ‘revolutionized’ at the start of this blog, right? And here is how this platform made the difference - TikTok was one of the primary platforms that introduced the world to bite-sized videos. These videos have duration of a maximum of a minute and hence developed the habit of short attention spans. In this short attention span, it provided the viewer’s entertaining and engaging content. Hence, we are witnessing a trend where various platforms are opting to use same video formats and businesses are opting to use the strategy where they display TikTok feed and as around 39% of the website are powered by WordPress, so it users are opting to embed TikTok videos on WordPress website.

Embed TikTok Video in WordPress Website

How to Embed TikTok Video on WordPress Website without Breaking a Sweat

So, if your website is amongst those 39% websites powered by WordPress, you have the following ways to embed TikTok videos on your website.

1. Using WordPress Plugins

2. Using Social Media Aggregator Tools

Let’s discuss these measures briefly and learn about the steps to do it.

1. Using WordPress Plugins

While you are using the WordPress website, you have the facility to use WordPress plugins. WordPress plugins not only increase the visuals of your website but also add some functionality to it. Various plugins are available on the WordPress app store, which allows you to embed TikTok videos on your website, but for your ease, we have the best plugin for this purpose, and that is - Social Media Feeds by Tagembed.

Social media feed is an amazing plugin that provides you ease in embedding TikTok videos on your WordPress website; the plugin comfortably streams videos without affecting the website’s speed. And while your customer can be using any device to visit your wp store, the plugin provides a responsive TikTok widget that can adjust itself according to the size of the screen. And with the customization option, you can even change the look by changing the feed’s font size, font style, and more to add more charm to it.

You just need to follow simple steps to embed TikTok videos on WordPress using this plugin.

Install Social Media Feed WordPress Plugin from WordPress plugin store.

     Visiting Tagembed

     Click on create a widget, add feed, and select TikTok as your source to display

     Personalize feed style and setup moderation.

     Click on Get Short Code and Copy Code.

2. Using Social Media Aggregators

Social media aggregators are amazing tools that help you to aggregate social feeds from various social media platforms, and then allow you to curate and customize them, and then display them on the website. They provide you the option to embed TikTok videos on the website as well. In recent times, Tagembed has emerged as one of the most popular social media aggregator tool.

Tagembed provides ease in the embedding process and offers various features such as customization, moderation, custom CSS, custom CTA, and more, which adds great value to this strategy. Moreover, it fits any marketing budget as it provides a free forever plan, making it effective, efficient, and economical. It is a coding-free tool that provides an easy method to embed TikTok video on the WordPress website. You just need to follow these steps:


     Sign Up to Tagembed, or if you are a current user, sign to your Tagembed account.

     For new users, the first widget will be visible on the Tagembed dashboard; just click on Open to continue. If you are an old user, click on the Create Widget button, provide an appropriate name to your widget and create your widget.

     Select TikTok as your source.

     Make appropriate customizations and moderations.

     Click on the Embed Widget button on the bottom right corner of your screen.

     Click on WordPress as your source.

     Copy the embedding code and paste it into the backend of your WordPress website.

Summing It Up

In this era of intense competition, a brand should focus on having an x-factor to attract more audiences. Your product might be the one that people need, but you must have an attractive website, so it accumulates more customers and helps you create a good impression. Embedding TikTok videos on the website is an amazing way to enhance your website’s beauty and create a great impression on the visitors.

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