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Follow Latest Trends 2019 to Your Unforgettable Day of Wedding

February 18, 2019

Marriage is the special occasion, which is planned not only by the couples but also by their family members and closed relatives. Deep in the heart, every bride and groom wants to celebrate their wedding as the festival but the inadequate funds can become an obstacle here. No worries because the debt financing is an option for everyone. 

In the case of bad credit history, there is a worry, but there is a solution too provided by various online lending companies in the name of loans for wedding. These loans are sanctioned on the easy terms and conditions like no restriction for the bad credit scorers, if the couples or any one of them is employed. Other than this, many lending institutions are allowing the borrowers to not to follow the lengthy documentation because of online application and pay money to book the cakes, venue in advance. 

After taking the views from various wedding planning apps, the following trends have been brought:

1. Most Comfortable Dresses:

In every wedding, it has been seen that a female friend of bride is standing with her so that she can hand over everything, which is disturbing her photo shoot like a precious gift and anything. At the time of wedding, a bride cannot say so boldly or loudly that I love this thing and you must have to keep it there as it might take her grace or she might be so happy in the new beginning of her life that she can forget to save her precious gifts, gifted by the special friends. 

This is why the new trend for the brides is pocketed dresses. Yes, many designers are designing the most practical dresses for the brides to keep her comfortable and carry her some belonging, which can be kept easily. 

2. Natural and Colorful Decorations: 

The flowers look beautiful always in the decoration. The colorful flowers bring the charm to the venue and make it the most beautiful place. These can also be replanted and natural decoration makes the guests feel like they are in a garden with the smell of it. The decoration of the flowers might be costly but it pays off when you see it with your naked eyes and even the bride and groom gifted with the good photographs with it. These can also be known as eco-friendly weddings, where there is no use of plastics and more of the natural things. 

3. Use of Latest Technology:

The technologies like use of drones and the video mapping activities are better to take photographs and videos from the heights. There are many other technologies developing like new drones and the technologies, which make the open place waterproof to get protected from the rain or snowfall. 

4. After Engagement Trips: 

Generally, people go for honeymoons but as they are interested in enjoying more and more. Now the cultures and traditions are taking the new forms, people are also arranging engagement moon. It means that rather going for marriage just after the engagement; the couple goes on a trip together to spend some beautiful moments with each other. To enjoy the bachelorhood with the best, engagement moon is one the best ideas. 

5. Pre Wedding Shoots With Advanced Technology:

Collecting the photographs and watching them when you are apart from each other even due to some professional reasons, you will so emotional and loving too. Photographs refresh the memories and give you the reasons to re-check the love in the eyes of the person, sometime or few years back.

Clicking the photographs on the wedding is so common but people are going for the pre wedding shoots for a long time. This time, you may go for the photo shots with the advanced technology like you can make a short story of your journey as a couple and can represent in an adventure form and by using the modern photographic technology, come up with a film which may get famous among the people, if they like it. 

To make it the best, the story and the actions go simultaneously, which must be interpreted in the right way. You must consider the fact that it should not be vague so that people can easily understand it. It is the part of your wedding, which brings more richness into it.  

In the end, you are suggested to take a loan for any of the trend you want to follow from any lender. The online lenders may provide you the easy financial solutions, as you can also approach them by researching properly on the internet. All the best for your new journey as a couple! 
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Top 8 Yoga Exercises to Practice at Home

February 18, 2019
1. Colocate in Table Position. The knees should be vertically below the hips and wrists, elbows and shoulders in line and perpendicular to the floor. The dolls have to be just below the shoulders and as far apart as the knees, which in turn are as open as the hips. The head raised and facing forward.

2.Exhale and lift the spine to the ceiling and let your head fall. That the chin does not touch your chest. Then I inhaled and went back to the original position. There are 5 breaths of each one (5 minutes).

3. Remove the left leg and the right arm (keeping it straight). Then I went back to the original position. Inspire and raise the leg and the opposite arm. There are 5 breaths of each one (5 minutes).

4. Stand on your hands and knees like a cat's posture. Take one knee to the head and keep alternating. There are 5 breaths of each one (5 minutes).

5. Place in a very quadruped position: 

the rear straight, the hands below the shoulders and also the knees at the hips. Support your toes well as a result of they'll be your support together with your hands. Breath deeply. Raise your knees and lift your hips as high as you'll be able to, keeping the palms of your hands firmly on the bottom. Lower your hips and come to the beginning position whereas you expel the air from your lungs and rest. There are five breaths of every one (5 minutes).

6. From the kneeling position on the floor, knees together and aligned, let the tail fall on your heels. It will stretch the column up. While letting air lean forward from the pelvis. Rest the chest on the thighs and extend the arms backwards, to the sides of the body. Place your hands on the opposite side of the palms, slightly curving your fingers. Eliminate tension from the shoulders, widening the back of the back. Relax the elbows and the lower third of the back. There are 5 breaths of each one (5 minutes).

7. Rest and final relaxation. 

The mountain (tadasana) with 5 Conscious and Calm breaths with closed eyes to calm the mind.

8.Cadaver (savasana). 

I remained in that position for 4 minutes with a natural breath. Practice close: after 4 minutes I moved the body bit by bit and returned to the sitting posture with my legs crossed. I took two deep breaths, clasping my hands in front of my chest and repeated the Om mantra three times.

Yoga is a useful gift from our ancient tradition. Yoga embodies unity of mind and body, thought and action … a holistic approach [that] is effective to our health and our well-being. Yoga isn't nearly exercise; it's the simplest way to find the sense of identicalness with yourself, the globe and also the nature.
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Different Types of Credit Cards by Citibank

February 18, 2019

If you are a Citibank Customer or are considering becoming one, then refer the following post. It has the information on the different kinds of Credit Cards the bank offers. This post also details out the main features and benefits of these Credit Cards. Based on the details you can pick the one that full fills all your needs and is with the best banking partner. If you already have one, then make use of the latest Citibank Offers to make the services even better.

Different Types of Credit Cards and their Benefits:

1 Indian Oil Citi Platinum Card:

  • Indian Oil Citi Platinum Card allows you to make the most savings on the IOC fuel purchases.
  • It can be used at all the Indian Oil petrol pumps. It offers 4 Turbo Points on every INR 150 spent on fuel at the IOC pumps.
  • 1 Turbo Point will bring you INR 1 free fuel.
  • Another benefit of using this credit card is waiver of the 1% fuel surcharges. All the feature will be valid at the authorized Indian Oil Petrol Pumps.
  • The Indian Oil Citi Platinum Card can also be used at the supermarkets and grocery stores.
  • It earns you 2 Turbo Points on every INR 150 you spend at the supermarkets and grocery stores.
  • It is enabled for the contactless payments.
  • There will be no annual charges on INR 30000 or more in a membership year. Afterwards, you will be billed with the INR 1000 annual fee.

2 Citibank Rewards Card:

  • This is yet another credit card from the Citibank that comes with lots of features. 
  • You earn 10 reward points on every INR 125 you spend at the Apparel and Departmental Stores.
  • You can enjoy more than 3600 Citibank Offers inclusive of the shopping, movies, EMI and dining.
  • You can pay using the reward points at more than 700 online shopping websites and offline outlets.
  • No joining fee is there and the annual fee charges are same as the ones mentioned above.

3 Citibank Cash Back Card:

The card allows you to enjoy 5% cash back on the following:
-Movie Tickets 
-Telephone bills
-Utility bill payments done via Citibank Online Bill Pay

  • The annual fee of the Citibank Cash Back Card is INR 500 only which means that it is one of the most suitable cards for the middle class people.
  • It is also valid for the contact payments.

4 Citibank Premier Miles Card:

The Citibank Premier Miles Card is yet another credit card with amazing features that include the following:

  • 10 miles for every INR 100 spent on the airline transactions.
  • 10 miles for every INR 100 you spend on travels and book accommodations with the exclusive website, namely – www.premiermiles.co.in. The booking should be done with the select partners of the bank.
  • The miles can be redeemed over around 100 domestic and international airlines.
  • The annual fee of the Citibank Premier Miles Card is INR 3000.

All the applications can be made online. The new and registered customers have to submit their personal details and account details. The new customers will have to start with their personal details. The already registered customers will require account details for the online application.

Having all the features of the different Credit Card at your disposal allows you to make the best choice. The bank also releases Citibank Coupons from time to time for various payments and purchases. Hence, don’t forget to use them and increase your savings.
Different Types of Credit Cards by Citibank Different Types of Credit Cards by Citibank Reviewed by Neha Gupta on February 18, 2019 Rating: 5

Convey Your Wishes in an Overwhelming Way

February 16, 2019
Today we have great opportunity of celebrating various occasions throughout the year. We try our best to convey wishes in a very special way by picking unique gifts. Whether it is a festival, birthday, wedding anniversary or some other occasion people wish to show their love and affection through greeting cards. Today there are many different types of greeting cards available in the market to suit all the occasions. Greeting cards for birthday in fact plays a very special role in making the day of the person most memorable one forever.

Greeting Cards on Birthday

Available in various designs, styles and writings, greeting cards are attached with lot of emotions and sentiments to it. On different birthdays like 1st birthday, 18th birthday or 25th birthday one can get the birthday card accordingly. Today there are many special designers available where they are experts in designing very attractive birthday cards. These cards in fact go great with the birthday present. Today there is no need of sending lot of time in the search of perfect greeting card because online gift stores are now available with greeting cards for different occasions and situations.

Birthday cards come usually with envelope and some greeting cards do not have any message in it allowing people to write their own message.

Birthday cards for friends

Every one of us has a special friend in our lives that we love the most and share lot of things with. When everyone else fails to understand or support you in your difficult situations friends are the one who stands by and make your life meaningful. So, for such a true friend, birthday is the best time to say thanks for being in your life. If you are unable to find the perfect greeting card that has all the feelings of you written in it then it would be a best idea to go with birthday cards for friends handmade

Today the world has become so creative and fast forward that people are able to create their own world with their skills and talents. However, if you are not good at making a greeting card then get ideas from online world where numerous online stores are available with tips and procedure of how to make a greeting card on your own. All the material required for making greeting cards are now available easily in the market. You can pick any design or color of card and give it a good look by using your own skills.

Even if you are not good at DIY talents but still have good interest towards handmade greeting cards to add natural look to your presentation then no worries. Wide range of handmade greeting cards is now available in online gift stores. You can pick the latest and trendy handmade greeting cards and place an order. You can pick the delivery option of your choice like same day, midnight or any other as per your requirement.

Most of the online stores today are exerts in gifts delivery in Hyderabad midnight. So, make a special friend of yours feel more exiting and overwhelmed with your fantastic surprise gift on his/her birthday.
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Best Effective Machines for Losing Weight

February 16, 2019

If you’re inquisitive about lowering your body-fat proportion, choose a cardio machine that's economical at burning calories. The highest machines that supply the best potential for weight-loss potency embody the treadmill, stationary bike and elliptical trainer. You’ll slim down by burning the next range of calories than you consume, therefore the additional calories you burn throughout your workouts, the simpler your sessions are. However, alternative parts have an effect on fat loss additionally to your machine choice.

Top Machines

The treadmill has the potential to be the most effective device for losing weight. The treadmill permits you to run or walk on a moving belt, and if you run on the machine, you may burn a larger range of calories. A 200-pound person can burn regarding 1,044 calories for each hour she runs at a pace of 7 mph. The underact stationary bike, the upright stationary bike and therefore the elliptical machine square measure the second, third and fourth most-effective machines, because the same 200-pound person can burn one,032 calories when hour of a lively exercise on the underact or upright stationary bike, or throughout a 60-minute session on the elliptical trainer.

Highly Effective Machines

The Jacobs’s ladder, ski machine and row machine conjointly burn a comparatively high range of calories and therefore will be helpful for those wanting to slim down. The Jacobs ladder, that mimics ascension a ladder or hiking, needs contribution from muscles throughout your entire body and burns regarding 996 calories per hour in an exceedingly person deliberation two hundred pounds. In hour, a 200-pound adult can burn 876 calories on the ski machine and 792 calories throughout a lively exercise on a sport machine.

Read about : How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Additional Machines

The support stepper, weight-training machines and arm ergometers may also burn enough calories to assist you slim down. A 200-pound person can burn 636 calories throughout hour figuring out on a support stepper machine. Though muscle building machines are not designed for cardio work, if you organize your exercise in an exceedingly circuit structure and move from one exercise forthwith into subsequent, you may burn a high range of calories. In hour of vigorous strength coaching on machines, a 200-pound person can burn regarding 552 calories. Per a 2010 study funded by the Yankee Council on Exercise, someone burns 269 calories exploitation associate measuring system for half-hour -- or nearly 540 calories in an exceedingly 60-minute exercise.

Other Weight Loss Considerations

The intensity of your session influences the amount of calories you may burn. As an example, whereas running on a treadmill offers the potential to burn a high range of calories in an exceedingly comparatively short quantity of your time, if you walk slowly on the treadmill, your session won’t be as economical. The larger the intensity of your exercise, the additional calories you’ll burn and therefore the simpler your exercise are for losing weight.

To effectively slim down, the Yankee Council on Exercise suggests decreasing your portion sizes at every meal by 10 to 15%, limiting alcohol intake and ingestion primarily light or low-fat dairy farm merchandise, whole grains, vegetables and fruits to stay your calorie consumption at intervals healthy limits.
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How to Do Anemia Caused By Menorrhagia

February 16, 2019

During menstruation, women usually have dysmenorrhea, low back pain, weakness, vertigo, tinnitus, active palpitations, shortness of breath, etc. General examination of blood routine hemoglobin below 110g / L can be diagnosed as anemia, iron deficiency anemia patients also accompanied Iron deficiency: dry skin, dull, dull hair, easy to fold, easy to hair loss, severe cases have nail bulge, flat or anti-A, stomatitis, glossitis, superficial ulcers and difficulty swallowing. So, what if the menstruation leads to anemia ?

To avoid loss of blood during heavy menstrual bleeding or prolonged bleeding 

Check this video here

Improve Menstrual Symptoms

Many female friends are affected by a variety of factors, causing symptoms of menstruation, and menstruation is the most common type of menstrual disorders. If a female friend has a long period of menstruation, it is easy to cause anemia. Therefore, if female friends want to improve the symptoms of anemia, first of all, to find out the causes of menstrual symptoms, only to improve the menorrhagia, can really avoid the symptoms of anemia caused by menorrhagia.

Supplement Protein

When women have symptoms of anemia, the body will be weaker. At this time, female friends should pay more attention to supplementing the body with protein, especially high-quality protein. Female friends can eat more milk, eggs, animal offal and beef, lamb, etc. These foods are not only rich in a variety of essential amino acids, but also contain a variety of vitamins that are good for your health. Eating more of these foods by female friends can ensure that the body has enough nutrients to improve the symptoms of anaemia in women.

Improve Diet

Many female friends have a habit of partial eclipse, which is very picky about food and is not harmful to foods that they don't like. The partial eclipse habits prevent female friends from ingesting balanced nutrition, thereby aggravating the symptoms of anaemia. At this time, female friends should eat more nutritious foods, especially those rich in iron, copper, folic acid, and carotene, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing anaemia.

Excessive menstrual flow leads to anaemia must take the necessary measures for treatment and conditioning, otherwise it may lead to more and more serious symptoms of anaemia, leading to various symptoms of discomfort. The three measures mentioned in this article must be implemented.

Women's blood tips, four best time periods

1. Menstrual Period

Menstrual period should pay attention to the smooth flow of menstrual blood, to avoid coagulation and stagnation of menstrual blood. Pay more attention to the diet, do not eat cold food, do not drink cold drinks; eat more warm food and drink hot soup; avoid spicy spicy food. Do a good job of keeping warm, add more clothes to the cold, and avoid the cold on the back. Menstrual cold can cause many adverse consequences, including dysmenorrhea and prolonged menstruation.

2. Yin Long-Term - After the End of Menstrual Period

At the end of the menstrual period, the body's yin and blood deficiency, the inherent "yin long" said. In the long term, it is necessary to nourish the liver and kidney, so that the body can quickly restore the blood and prepare for the next round of menstruation. There are two precautions in the long term, you can't stay up late, stay up late and lose blood; you can't be greedy. At this time, coldness is easy to cause endocrine disorders.

3. Ovulation Period - A Few Days between the Two Menstrual Periods

The ancients said that women must have a slight heat every day, and the lower body leucorrhea is like a brush, this is a good pregnancy. As the blood of the body grows, the yin gradually turns into yang, and female sexual desire is awakened. The probability of conception during ovulation is high. Women who want to conceive can have sex and women should maintain a happy mood, which is very helpful for pregnancy. At this time, taking warm and blood-activating drugs can increase the promotion of ovulation, such as salvia, cinnamon and the like.

4. Yang Long-Term - After Ovulation

After the ovulation period, women enter the yang period, the body is full of yin and blood, and full of energy. During this period, you should pay special attention to keep warm and not be cold. To avoid eating cold foods and cold drinks, it is best not to eat cold fruits such as watermelons and grapes. You can eat yam yoghurt, spleen and kidney.
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Which Tarot Card Are You? A Guide for Free Tarot Reading

February 15, 2019

Free Tarot Reading Online has become quite famous among people around who seek growth and prosperity with the divine spirits. In free tarot predictions, tarot cards basically divided into sets of Major and Minor Arcana Cards.

These Major and Minor Arcana Cards are subdivided into different categories that interpret the occurring of events around us. They have immense capabilities of unveiling your soul’s journey throughout from the first life to the current one.

You must be thinking about how to choose your tarot cards for free predictions. Well, think no more because it is as easy as pie. Your birth date is the sole factor that picks out your card out of the Major Arcana card deck. This one card has the influence on your current life.  

The card you were born under needs to be calculated by adding up the numbers of your birth date. If your calculated figure exceeds the value 21 then add it again to reduce them to a single number. This single number tells you the card you may connect to.

For example, if your birthdate is 02/04/1991 then do some mathematics as follows: 0+2+0+4+1+9+9+1 = 26
26 exceeds 21, so add it again 2+6= 8 
If you got 8 as your number then your card is ‘Strength’.

To know the impacts of these cards, read the following facts.

The Fool (0)- How about an amazing and unknown session full of crests and troughs? Well, you are given this chance of hitting the road with uncertainties and possibilities. Adventurous, traveler and blessed you are The Fool. Take risks and be mindful while doing so. 

The Magician(1)- You have this magic wand of turning your thoughts and dreams into reality. You have the ability to woo anyone with your charisma but use this asset wisely and try not to manipulate others with it. Learn to put a harness on your flowing life.

The High Priestess (2)- You are the one that is rich in sacred knowledge. Your doings and sayings are all about wisdom. You are blessed with an amazing sense of intuition. Do some efforts to include meditation in your routine life.

The Empress (3)- You are here to create and to spread love. You tend to nurture people around you. You are a figure of feminity and abundance. Do know that not everyone looks up to you this way. You should learn to control your temper in such cases.

The Emperor (4)- You have the authority and power. It will not be wrong to call you born leaders. Set your intentions and you will reach out to your goal. You are a respected figure. You know how to set an example for those around you. 

The Hierophant (5)- Spiritual wisdom and religious beliefs are your two important personality traits. You are reliable and solid from the perspective of people around you. Try to work out a bit on your personal beliefs.

The Lovers (6)- It is about the scientific law and bringing unlike forces to attract each other. You can find access to divine inspiration and protection. It is also about making choices. Try to control the imbalance that sometimes triggers in your life.

The Chariot (7)- it is about taking it all together. With your determination and will power, you know you can conquer anything and everything. It is about the pace that you pick up. Focus on finding the right direction to move on to.

The Strength (8)- Being in this card means you have great strength and you know how to overcome a negative situation. You are a self-motivator and know how to pursue and influence others as well as yourself. 

The Hermit (9)- You will have a mentor to guide you walk on the path of life. You love to spend some time alone. Know that being alone and being lonely are two different things. Learn to follow the guidance you get from your soul.

The Wheel Of Fortune (10)- You have barrels of luck by your side. Your life keeps on taking turns and all for good. Opportunities stick to you in all possible ways. Work upon identifying and grabbing the opportunities.

The Justice (11)- You analyze things before taking action. For you, fairness is all that matters. Your efforts of proving something might not turn the way you expect but you must learn to trust universal forces and the Law of Karma.

The Hanged Man(12)- You are like an ocean, the surface stays calm but there are endless creatures in its depths. You might feel your life is boring but there are always new and amazing things making their way to you. You have a great and unique perception of things around you.

The Death(13)- It shows change and endings. The cocoon is suffocating you and you will soon develop wings of freedom. You will sweep away anything that disturbs you or holds you back. Sometimes you may resist this change but eventually, you know it is something you must adapt.

The Temperance (14)- You have a balanced life but sometimes this balance shakes up. The best part is you know when this imbalance knocks you. You know how to mix up and reaching out to your goal is what you aim for. You have a gift of patience.

The Devil (15)- It depicts the other(dark) side of you. One side of your life is very happening and enjoyable but the contradictory will detach and hypnotize you to step into exploring dark and deep thoughts. You might be getting temptations of experiencing your fetish and fantasies. Keep it in limits for an enchanting experience.

The Tower (16)- Your life is interesting, it keeps on moving. Sudden changes are not so sudden as they happen frequently. You will be kicked hard in the stomach a lot of times but trust me, it is for your good. Learn and grow, this mantra is in the loop for you. Your life does not know the word ‘peaceful’ but it is fabulous.

The Star (17)- You are born with a silver spoon. Peace, hope, creativity are your companions throughout your life’s journey. Have faith in the divinity and it will all be yours. Nourish yourself with a dose of self-care time to time.

The Moon (18)- The Lunar ones are blessed with great intuitive powers. You might be in confusion a lot of times. You must learn to differentiate who is your friend and who is your enemy. Train your subconsciousness and release fear. For you, learning is eternal.

The Sun (19)- Your fun, positivity, and warmth know no limits. You are a blessed one! Make the most of it by putting your immense energy to it and success will be yours. Control your inner kid and don’t feel low. You are the life of a party.

The Judgement(20)- You are born to accept and practice a lot more than what you are at the moment. You are being judged and you cannot avert it. Leave your mortal corpse and step into an immortal soul. Let it go. Find out if you are ready to be in heaven. Trust your inner calling, you have come to clearance. Do not ignore the self-calling. Clouds of self-doubt may hover you and your inner critic may wake up anytime.

The World (21)- The World overall is a YES card. It is a card that reflects positivity, new beginnings, changes, acceptance, travel, and completion. In a reversed position, this card may procrastinate your events, it might be a symbol of personal closure that you are waiting for, it is teaching you that there is no shortcut to success.

Calculate and get going as per your birth card!
Which Tarot Card Are You? A Guide for Free Tarot Reading Which Tarot Card Are You? A Guide for Free Tarot Reading Reviewed by Neha Gupta on February 15, 2019 Rating: 5

Finding the Best IUI Treatment in Chennai

February 15, 2019
For someone struggling with infertility and need help to conceive a baby, many effective fertility treatments are now available, that can help increase your chances of getting pregnant and deliver a baby. One such method is IUI.

What is IUI?

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a simple fertility treatment procedure that involves placing the sperm inside a woman’s uterus to aid fertilization. Healthy sperm is gathered and inserted directly into the uterus around the time when the woman is ovulating. 

This helps healthy sperm to get closer to the egg. The key aspect of IUI is to boost the number of sperms that reach the fallopian tubes and consequently enhance the chances of successful fertilization. IUI is a simple and low-tech procedure and also has higher chances of pregnancy. 

IUI is also called donor insemination, alternative insemination, or artificial insemination at times. Mostly, the woman is also treated with medicines that stimulate ovulation prior to conducting IUI. IUI provides an advantage by giving the sperm a head start but still requires sperm to reach and fertilize the egg on its own. IUI is a less invasive and less expensive method when compared to other fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization.

When Is IUI Used?

IUI treatment is recommended in various case scenarios. One of the most common reasons for suggesting IUI is a low sperm count or decreased sperm mobility. Apparently, IUI may be selected as a fertility treatment in any of the situations like a hostile cervical condition, including cervical mucus problems or presence of cervical scar tissue from precedent procedures which may obstruct the sperms’ ability to enter the uterus or even conditions of ejaculation dysfunction.

IUI Success Rates

Women tend to have a 10 to 20 percent chance of getting pregnant with just one IUI cycle. The chances of conceiving improve with the number of IUI cycles undergone. The more cycles of IUI endured, the higher is the chance for a pregnancy. With about 3 to 6 cycles of IUI, pregnancy rates can reach as high as 80.

The rate of success of insemination procedures varies depending on a number of factors including the woman’s age, the fallopian tube status (at least one open tube is a pre-requisite) and the quality of sperm sample collected.

Age also affects fertility and IUI success rates. As with most fertility procedures, the IUI success rate is higher in younger women. After one IUI cycle, the chance of pregnancy is around 10 to 20 percent for women under 35 years of age. For women between 35 and 40 years of age, there is a 10 percent chance which further strolls down to 2 to 5 percent chance with women about 40 years and above. 

The positive aspect is that most people that try IUI will have a good chance of becoming pregnant over time. The success of IUI depends on several factors. The success rates may reach as high as 20% per cycle for a couple getting IUI procedure performed each month. 

One may need to be willing to subject them to IUI multiple times. On average, it takes between 3 to 6 IUI cycles before a successful pregnancy takes place. IUI is not generally recommended for those with blocked fallopian tubes, severe endometriosis or conditions of previous pelvic infection.

IUI in Chennai

The first step to a successful IUI pregnancy in Chennai is to consult a good doctor. One can consult with a doctor who is specialized in pregnancy and/or infertility treatments in Chennai. They can help figure out which treatments are best for the couple. 

Many famous and successful fertility specialists are available for IUI pregnancy in Chennai with good track record and success stories.  One can get many IUI fertility treatments at specialized clinics with higher IUI success rates in Chennai. As a busy city with a swarming population, there are an ample number of institutions with advanced medical facilities which can provide one with what they are looking for. 

IUI success rates in Chennai is high than in many cities. There are many leading medical health centers with state-of-the-art technology that facilitate top-notch infertility treatments. These institutions help a large number of couples attain their dream of parenthood and shed hope and joy in their lives.
Finding the Best IUI Treatment in Chennai Finding the Best IUI Treatment in Chennai Reviewed by Neha Gupta on February 15, 2019 Rating: 5
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